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FEATURED ARTWORKS FOR GALLERIES: Selected collections and information



I consider my work as "Mixed Digital Media"—blending technical tools and approaches in a collaboration that produces something unique and something truly my own. It might seem odd to call this work "my own" when so much is done by a machine, but that is the nature if collaboration: better results without stifling personal accomplishment. My work is both technical and creative, a machine and a human, a juxtaposition that reflect this moment in the evolution of fine art, technology, and humanity at large. Enjoy.


Your pal,


This collection captures a moment, a passing, and like any good eulogy, it highlights the now while looking back, drawing connections to our past, our ancestors, and what brought us here. Read more.



Printmaking is a consistent backdrop in my work. Printmaking is the perfect metaphor for my approach—both technical and creative, manual and automated, and has been woven with the arts since the earliest days of handprints on the cave walls of Lascaux and has evolved through the centuries offering artists new approaches, qualities, and opportunities.

We start with my grandmother, weave through wine, and borrow from my earlier work. This series is sometimes literal and specific, other times abstract, cultural, and vague. It is a reflection of origins—occasionally concrete and emotional with many things missing. Read more.

Monica di Bianca


My current work blends AI, glitch, generative code, custom filters, and good old fashioned handwork. It is somewhat automated yet an intensely manual process. I have been exclusively digital native since 2008 but the work is still intended to be printed, framed, and enjoyed. All work is very high definition and most are able to be printed upwards of 108" (275 cm) though best viewing sizes are likely smaller. I provide both prints and digital (direct downloads and NFTs) versions. Custom sizes can certainly be accommodated.

I am challenging the notion that technology inhibits creativity and showcasing its potential to express individuality. By constraining the composition to a single, traditional motif, yet each piece is unique and modern, I want the viewer to see that constraints rarely inhibit the artist, the human in control. Rather, these only fuel the desire to look deeper and approach the art differently. “VelvetGlitch” highlights the significance of digital in the fine art world. Read more.

Glitch 10