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For more than 25 years, I've worked in IT. Startups, IBM, design agencies, even Whole Foods Market. I've made the tech rounds. 

Oddly enough, I have a degree in sculpture.

I've often joked that "they neglected to tell me there are no actual sculpture jobs" but, fortunately, it was the mid 90's and there was this new internet thing. At the time, the bar was low, turns out I had a knack for programming, and they paid well. Problem solved.

I came to realize, I just like to make things. Code, bronze, sausage, furniture, cocktails, my house - it didn't matter. I made it.

There's a lot of talk about young creatives making a name for themselves in this new NFT space. Without a doubt this is awesome. But this is a story of us older folk. Those of us making a new story, a new chapter, for ourselves.

I'll expand on my story in a bit, but for now, I'm coming back to the art.

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