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VelvetGlitch: A Statement on the State of Digital and the Evolution of Fine Art

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

See full collection here.

"VelvetGlitch" is a new digital art collection consisting of 10 pieces, 8 of which are editions of 10 and 2 are 1-of-1s. The collection explores the evolution of fine art into the digital age.

"VelvetGlitch” blends traditional art forms including copper plate etching and hand-drawn lines with modern tools and treatment like AI, glitch, and graffiti. The combination emphasizes how the current digital art movement, with its technologies and approaches, still has roots in the fine art traditions, techniques, and inspirations.

A consistent theme and composition is used throughout the collection, while each piece varies slightly, showcasing how individuality and personality will always emerge even with a common background.

My hope is that the viewer will come to understand the significance of today’s digital growth in fine art and its place in the overall evolution of the art world.

I hope to bring awareness to the significance of digital growth in the fine art world. I want to challenge the notion that technology inhibits creativity and instead demonstrate how it can be used as a tool to express individuality and personal expression.

See full collection here.

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