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The Collection of Hands Pricing and Benefits

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

In honor of the Ethereum Merge, I am not only dropping a new collection, I am including an overhaul of how I am approaching my art, my products, and my pricing. More specifically, I am overhauling how I meet the needs and expectations of my audience.

For reference, you can preview my collection now on OpenSea and will be available for sale at “some random point after the Ethereum Merge” happening in about 5 hours from this posting.

NOTE: As of September 15, 2022, this project went on sale.

I want to:

  • Identify with my audience more directly - not just how we communicate but more specifically in the products and services I can deliver, at the price and variability they want, and with the effort I can afford, looking for that mutually beneficial win

  • Distinguish products more clearly - so that I can make these audience-driven product decisions without negatively impacting other work and other owners

  • Encourage novice art enthusiasts - bringing more young or inexperienced enthusiasts into the fold, benefiting the whole of the fine art market

  • Reward early adopters - you encourage and inspire us artists and deserve a little extra attention and appreciation (you also keep us on our toes and drive innovation)

  • Reward deep pockets with big hearts - you’re the significant benefactors whose investments are as generous as they are impactful

  • Tease out next generation experiences and business models - artists will have to run their business in new exciting ways that should invoke ideals and aspirations based on an evolving technology-driven ecosystem

  • Give back - that’s it, give back

Addressing these objectives will evolve over time. Starting small and iterating. For this first attempt, I am releasing this new collection with the following few considerations:

  • “First Pull” Edition 1-of-1s Traditionally, the first valid print of an edition holds something special. An edition might be of 10, 100, or more but the very first is a one-of-a-kind. Each piece in the collection has a specific, individual NFT posted first as a nod to this tradition. While that is technically a separate NFT, the “art” is part of the greater edition. It is effectively a “1-of-1”. For those that want that exclusivity, you got it.

  • Limited Free Mints At random, 5 early prints in each edition in the collection are free (not including gas). This is to reward those who are keeping tabs on my work and those most active in my community. I can’t guarantee this, but I may, from time to time, drop a few unannounced (even to VIPs) free drops for those who pay attention.

  • Low Cost Standard Pricing This collection is for those early enthusiasts. I found a way to produce at an effort I can accommodate low costs. I want people to be introduced to my work. I want to help people find art they can own and enjoy. This collection is for you. Enjoy.

  • Alpha Owners of any item in this whole collection (First Pull, free mint, standard, secondary owners - and prior owners, as well) all get early access to upcoming work. At the moment, I am compelled to admit this is manual and can’t commit to how long this will be in effect but this is my intent as long as I can manage.

  • Bundles For those that really want to collect, I am exploring the possibility of creating collections within the collection at special pricing that rewards “bulk” purchases.

At this stage, this accounts for what I consider the base needs of my core objectives. An MVP approach, if you will. Expect these benefits to become more sophisticated and more targeted at what resonates with my audience and the art community at large.

My desire is to help drive how artists can connect, appeal to, and engage art enthusiasts and clarify how we all can best run our businesses in this new space.

I encourage you to engage artists on their work, give feedback, and engage. This helps us all better understand your needs and tunes the products we can provide.

If you need a place to start, here’s a quick link: The Collection of Hands on OpenSea

Also, follow me here:


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