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I’m Creating a New, Approachable Product Line

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

Well, actually, there is a point…

I’ve been contemplating how to expand on my work for a bit - style, products, pricing.

Like it or not, I’ve seen my work evolve just in the past few months of constant, deliberate work.

I was recently taken by an article on pricing art. Apologies 🙏 long since lost that link. But, among several points, it laid out a rationale for pieces at differing price points for different audiences - and to avoid leaving some people behind who may really enjoy one’s work.

I’ve been noodling on how separate those tiers - what makes one piece fit on one category vs another.

At a high level, I am thinking there’s three tiers and two factors: availability and content.

On Availability

I think the availability concept is fairly straight forward. Fewer pieces available in the upper tiers with more broad availability on the lower.

In the top tier, we are likely talking 1-of-1’s and fewer pieces in general.

Small editions (~10) will define the mid tier.

And larger editions and collections (~100+) rounding out the lowest tier.

FWIW, I don’t think I’ll release an infinite edition - meaning, just keep dropping as people keep buying.

For one, I don’t have that wide of audience at the moment 🤷‍♂️. For another, allowing a secondary market is important to me. Wouldn’t want to undercut that from happening.

Content is another story

For top tier work, I’m not entirely sure on what that will be. But this work being more sophisticated, meaningful, complex, etc. Perhaps deliberately made to be larger or to be viewed as a significant piece in a room vs supporting. I’ve got to flesh this one out still.

Consider my current type of work as a typical mid tier piece. Reasonable complex, a bit of story in some, sized not to build a room around but may fill a smaller space just fine.

Which brings me to the lower tier - a place for pieces like what started this thread.

First, let me also clarify - there is nothing derogatory intended by labeling this the “lowest tier”. It does however limit some aspects so the pieces make sense at lower prices without diluting work in other tiers.

And, I am not saying the lowest tier is all about “hands” - consider this to be a single, fun, easy breezy collection that fits the concept.

I love hands. They’re expressive and have personality. They’re complex enough to be interesting but aren’t hard or laborious to produce. They can vary widely but will inherently fit together because, well, duh, they’re all hands.

They may not be as mentally challenging or have much of a statement behind them, but, they’re fun and there’s a value for some art to simply look at and enjoy.

In short, even though I am deliberately limiting some aspects of “higher” work, I still want these to be enjoyable. I want to provide work for people who don’t have as much to spend without impacting the value of those other, more complex pieces.

Basically, I need multiple product lines with differing product features and values that allow me to provide a broader range of affordability in a rationale, understandable way.

I hope you enjoy this new work and can appreciate what I am trying to accomplish. I am just now exploring this idea and approach - so expect there to be some changes in direction.

And, of course, if you have any input or things I might want to consider, by all means, send my way.

Thank you,

The Management

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